All you need is your imagination. 


      Join in the fun!  Let Hedgie match the perfect Jan Brett book for you.  Fill in your answers and click the button at the bottom of the page. 

1.  In my room, friends admire -
A. My beautiful shells
B. My horse figurines
C. My dinosaurs big and small
D. My matchbook car collection
2. It's a rainy day, just the time to -
A. See if we can make chocolate chip cookies for everybody
B. Get out my dress-up clothes and invent a character
C. Practice teaching my dog to sit...or asking my parents for my very own dog
D. Design a mouse house with different levels and a tram
3. If I were lucky my family and I
 would win a vacation to - 
A. A tropical island where I could swim with dolphins
B. A pony roundup
C. The mountains for skiing
D. Baseball winter training camp
4. A new family is moving next door.
  I'd be happy if -
A. A white baby grand piano rolled off the van
B. They painted the walls pink and purple and put in stained glass windows.
C. They wanted me to help find their talking crow who hides whenever they move
D. The family has teenage twins who are motocross champions
5. I was offered a role as an extra in a blockbuster movie and I'm going to do it, especially since I have to -
A. Have my makeup done professionally and visual effects will give me lavender eyes
B. Accompany the stunt man when he controlled crashes a SUV over a sixteen wheeler
C. Shave my head and my best friend in the movie is an eight foot tall alien
D. Travel to India and be tutored in Indian culture and take sitar lesson
6. After being in outer space, I could hardly wait to be back on earth and smell -
A. A rose
B. A new mown lawn
C. Hot buttered popcorn
D. The ocean
7. Please don't wake me up from this dream -
A. I discovered a baby unicorn
B. A fireman needed my help. I aimed the fire hose that allowed him to rescue the people in a burning house
C. I could actually fly
D. I was walking through a rain forest when I realized that I could actually communicate with the animals

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