He earned a special place for himself...

Fritz and the Beautiful Horses
Written and illustrated by Jan Brett
Houghton Mifflin
ISBN: 0-395-30850-X


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     Fritz was not beautiful.  He didn't have a braided mane or a glossy coat.  He couldn't prance with long, graceful strides like the elegant horses who carried lords and lovely ladies to the city--a city that allowed only the most beautiful horses within its walls.  The citizens laughed at the short-legged pony's attempts to be like their own horses.
     But Fritz was dependable and hardworking.  He proved to the citizens that there are things more important than being beautiful.  He earned a special place for himself in the walled city just as he'll earn a special place in every reader's heart.
     Jan Brett's full-color artwork sparkles in intricate detail across every page of this exceptional picture book about Fritz, a surefooted pony who finally gets the chance to shine in his own best way.

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