The Snowy Nap

Written and illustrated  by
Jan Brett
G. P. Putnam's Sons
2018 Tour Cities

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      A few winters ago, it snowed so much that drifts piled up to our windows.  Little Snow, our bunny, was very interested in the wintry view into our backyard, and a wild rabbit was just as interested in him.  The snow was so high that the rabbit came right up to our window, nose to nose with Little Snow.  Every morning, another set of rabbit footprints led to Little Snow's window.  Little Snow must wonder what else that rabbit does in the winter, I thought.
      Then last summer I was painting when I heard a loud bump!  It was Little Snow's warning thump.   When I looked out the window to investigate, a young black bear was peeking in!  As the bear hightailed it back into the woods, I mused about animals.  How curious they all are, I thought.  Their antics might make a whimsical border story in my book.
      Both of these episodes helped inspire The Snowy Nap.  Hedgie and Lisa's adventure in my picture book, The Hat is set at a farm on the Danish island of Funen, the perfect place to set a story about Hedgie's curiosity about winter.

 Jan Brett

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