Trouble with Trolls



Trouble with Trolls

Written and illustrated by Jan Brett

G. P. Putnam's Sons
ISBN: 0-399-22336-3
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 The trolls who live on Mount Baldy long for a dog. An empty dog basket lies in front of their fireplace next to a water dish, and dog pictures cover the dirt walls of their underground home.
     There's only one problem.
     Where to get the dog.
     And this is when Treva's trouble with trolls begins: when she sets off with her dog, Tuffi, to visit her cousin and the greedy trolls spot Tuffi.
     Treva's never even seen a troll before. Yet this feisty heroine is not only brave but
quick-thinking. Quick enough to outwit one troll after another until she reaches the very top of the mountain, where all five trolls are waiting, and THEY WANT DOG!
     From underground to mountain peak, Jan Brett has filled this story with eye-catching detail. With each page turn, a new challenge awaits Treva, as she gets closer and closer to the top, and even closer to losing Tuffi. (And keep your eyes on that little hedgehog working its way down to the trolls' underground home. Maybe a dog isn't the perfect pet, after all.)

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