“Comet’s Nine Lives” takes place on

a. Rhode Island
b. Martha’s Vineyard
c. Nantucket Island

Comet realized he lost his first life, when he woke up after eating

d. catnip
e. foxgloves
f. Nine Lives

Comet lost his second life, when

g. a stack of books fell on him
h. he jumped off a table
i. he drank some soda pop

The third life was lost when Comet went on the “Jean T” and

j. the captain saw he was on the boat
k. a huge wave washed across the stern and Comet was tossed into the water
l. a whale tipped over the boat

Comet lost his fourth life when he fell from a tree into a tuba at the

m. Christmas party
n. Easter Egg hunt
o. Fourth of July concert