Mei-Mei lives in _____________________________________________.

a. Nevada
b. China
c. England
d. Africa

Why did Daisy climb into the market basket?

e. She liked the color.
f. She was tired of the other hens picking on her.
g. She wanted to go to the market.

What color eggs did the hens lay?

h. white
i. pink
j. brown
k. striped

Why did Daisy wake up?

l. She was hungry.
m. She heard her mother call.
n. She missed the other hens picking on her.
o. The basket started tipping and bobbing.

What did the basket bump into first?

p. A duck
q. A stone jetty where a houseboat was tied up
r. Branches from a tree
s. A dog

After the basket left the rocks, what did it bump?

t. an elephant
u. a hedgehog
v. a water buffalo
w. a big fish

The red-tailed monkeys lived in a ___________________________ tree.

x. banyan
y. aspen
z. pine
aa. plum