But every night when it was time to roost in the henhouse, the other hens picked on Daisy. "Roost" means:
a. settle down to rest or sleep
b. eat dinner
c. start a fight

Then the hens tucked their heads into their feathers and went to sleep. “Tucked” means:
d. bent
e. turned around
f. bumped

Up ahead Daisy saw a fisherman with cormorants diving all around his bamboo boat. “Cormorants” are

g. Olympic swimming champions
h. Water birds
i. Flying fish

At the market, Mei Mei found a place and arranged the eggs in clean, sweet-smelling straw. “Arranged” means:

j. scattered
k. organized
l. jumbled

There was Daisy, beautiful and plump in her basket. “Plump” means:

m. skinny
n. mad
o. chubby

She squeezed her eyes shut and clenched her fists. “Clenched” means:

p. close tightly
q. waved
r. pinched

The fisherman ran after them, furious. “Furious” means:

s. calm
t. angry
u. happy

And with Daisy clinging to her, she ran and didn’t stop until they were safely home. “Clinging” means:

v. trying to get away
w. holding on
x. pecking at her hair