When did this story take place?

a. long, long ago when there were cave men
b. about 100 years ago
c. about 25 years ago

What did Kip stop to eat when he was hungry?

d. a hamburger
e. Kentucky Fried Chicken
f. A Wooly Rhino rib

The Paleowolf had a keen sense of

g. smell
h. sight
i. sound
j. all of the above

When Kip finally gave the Wolf his bag of Rhino ribs, what happened?

k. The Paleowolf ate them all.
l. The Paleowolf went away.
m. The Paleowolf curled up and went to sleep without eating.

What animal sprang out of the tree and ate the Rhino bones?

n. a monkey
o. a lion
p. a saber-toothed cat

What did Paleowolf do after Kip told him that he would share his Wooly Rhino ribs and Mammoth meat with him?

q. walked away
r. sat up and begged for food
s. wagged his tail

After that, what did Kip call the Paleowolf?

t. Dog
u. Wolf
v. Paleo