Matti lives in a village that is surrounded by_______________.

a. beaches
b. forests and mountains
c. oceans
d. deserts

Matti got the recipe for the gingerbread from _________________

e. A cookbook.
f. A school book.
g. A friend .

The recipe told Matti to cook the dough for ______________ minutes.

h. two
i. four
j. six
k. eight

The recipe warned Matti _______________________________

l. DO NOT peek.
m. Keep the gingerbread boy in the oven for an extra two hours.
n. Take it out when the timer rings.

What happened when Matti opened the oven?

o. He saw that the cookies were done.
p. A gingerbread baby jumped out of the oven.
q. :He closed the door and waited another ten minutes.

Where did the gingerbread baby run?

r. To Matti’s bedroom
s. To find his mother.
t. Out the door.

What did the gingerbread baby shout?

u. “It’s cold out here!”
v. “Catch me if you can!”
w. “Too bad”