Matti took down a worn looking cookbook with old-fashioned writing on the cover. “Worn” means:
a. new
b. shiny
c. shabby

He pranced around the big bowl.
”Pranced” means:
d. Danced about
e. Fell
f. jumped

“What’s that delicious smell?” “Delicious” means:
g. tasty
h. unpleasant
i. sour

The Gingerbread Baby tumbled through his legs. “Tumbled” means:
j. fell
k. swam
l. drove

He ran by the tabby cat. “Tabby” means:

m. brown
n. striped and mottled (having spots and blotches)
o. black and white

She twitched her tail. “Twitched” means:

p. jerked
q. scratched
r. washed

The dog caught a whiff of gingerbread. “Whiff” means:

s. smell
t. crumb
u. piece

He took a braid from Martha and a braid from Madeline.
Braid” means:

v. Hair that is woven
w. Something to make a sandwich
x. Something to nibble on