The Tomten went to Henny’s nest each morning because he was tired of eating:

a. porridge
b. bacon
c. pancakes

“Porridge” is a type of

d. cake
e. candy
f. cereal

One day Henny saw Goosey-Goosey and some goslings. Goosey-Goosey told Henny that the goslings came from the hatched eggs. “Goslings” are

g. baby geese
h. baby turkeys
i. baby hedgehogs

________________________ helped Henny trick the Tomten.

j. Comet
k. Hedgie
l. Treva

Some of the things that the Tomten found in the nest were

m. an acorn, a strawberry, a potato
n. an apple, an orange, a pear
o. a feather, a radish, a carrot

What was Hedgie’s surprise? Explain in full sentences.