Armadillo Rodeo

Piggybacks for Teachers

General Activities

Blue_Arrow4000.gif (887 bytes) Research armadillos

Blue_Arrow4000.gif (887 bytes) Write a story about the border pictures where the mother armadillo is looking for Bo.

Blue_Arrow4000.gif (887 bytes) Learn about rodeos.


Blue_Arrow4000.gif (887 bytes) Plot the sequence.
Use butter tub lids or circles of cardboard, glue lightweight cord or rope, like a lariat, around the circles and write or draw pictures or sentences about the story.
Glue to a strip of ribbon or cardboard made to look like wood.
Put the lids in sequential order.

Project Armadillo carton

Blue_Arrow4000.gif (887 bytes) Make armadillos out of milk cartons.

 Blue_Arrow4000.gif (887 bytes) Take a 1 pint milk or cream carton and cover the sides and top with brown paper (a grocery bag would work well).

 Blue_Arrow4000.gif (887 bytes) Cut holes in the sides to make feet and use the top of the carton for the armadillo's face. Add a rolled up paper tail, and a paper nose and ears. You can draw the bands and pebbly texture with a marker.

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