Berlioz the Bear

Piggybacks for Teachers

General Activities

Blue_Arrow4000.gif (887 bytes)Make a large beehive for the bulletin board.

Blue_Arrow4000.gif (887 bytes)As students read one of Jan Brett's books, give them a tag with a bee drawing on it.   Write the name of the book and the students name on the tag and pin it to the beehive.

Prereading or writing

Blue_Arrow4000.gif (887 bytes)  Make up a story about animals or people that are riding in a wagon and get stuck in the mud.   How will they get out?

Social studies

Blue_Arrow4000.gif (887 bytes)  Research Bavaria then come back to Berlioz and find the evidence of that region.

Blue_Arrow4000.gif (887 bytes)  Learn the names of the animals in German.
die B�ren (dee bar-en) the bears.
die Biene (dee beene) the bee.
der Esel (derr ay-zel) the donkey.
der Hahn (derr han) the rooster
die Katze (dee kaht-sah) the cat.
das Hund (dass hoont) the dog
die Ziege (dee zee-gah) the goat
das Pferd (dass faired) the horse
der Ochse (derr ok-sah) the ox.

Language activities

Blue_Arrow4000.gif (887 bytes) Journal the activities going on in the border.

Blue_Arrow4000.gif (887 bytes) Make a list of the verbs.

Sequence - Reader's Theater

Blue_Arrow4000.gif (887 bytes) Tell story in sequence.

Blue_Arrow4000.gif (887 bytes) Make masks out of grocery bags.


Blue_Arrow4000.gif (887 bytes)Learn about the musical instruments.

Blue_Arrow4000.gif (887 bytes)Listen to Flight of the Bumblebee by Rimsky-Korsakov

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