Trouble with Trolls

Piggybacks for Teachers


Blue_Arrow4000.gif (887 bytes) Research and discuss Norway.  Divide the class into 4 or 5 groups.  Have each group sketch an outline of a map on a large piece of chart paper.  Locate Oslo, the capital, make a small Norwegian flag and attach it there.

 Blue_Arrow4000.gif (887 bytes) Research geography, i.e. fjords, and add this to the maps.


Blue_Arrow4000.gif (887 bytes) Watch the hedgehog...does he want to be the pet.

Blue_Arrow4000.gif (887 bytes) Look at the trolls underground, explain the evidence that they want a dog.

Blue_Arrow4000.gif (887 bytes) Watch sequence of trolls coming up the ladder on the left side.

Blue_Arrow4000.gif (887 bytes) List Treva's tricks, i.e. used mittens to warm ears...follow the blue-mittened troll.

Blue_Arrow4000.gif (887 bytes) Using a plastic butter tub as a guide, cut out 6-10 circles of white construction paper.   Write a sentence about the book on one side and illustrate that sentence on the other side.  Punch a hole near the top of each circle.  Trade with a friend who puts them in sequence and then puts a ring through the holes.

Blue_Arrow4000.gif (887 bytes) Enlarge the troll pictures.  Have the students pull out a cotton ball and glue this to the troll's hair.  Make a background where the trolls are hiding.  These can be used as illustrations for individual stories.

Writing activities

Blue_Arrow4000.gif (887 bytes) Go back and  review what you have learned about Norway and trolls from this book.

Blue_Arrow4000.gif (887 bytes) Write a Troll story while listening to Grieg's Peer Gynt Suite.


Blue_Arrow4000.gif (887 bytes) Have parents help with open-faced sandwiches.


Blue_Arrow4000.gif (887 bytes) Find examples of the art or rosemaling.  Patterns are available at craft stores.

Blue_Arrow4000.gif (887 bytes) Embroidery - look at the pattern in the book, repeat these using 1/4 or 1/2 inch squared paper.  Use this for a border for a story.  Use the same pattern with yarn and grid plastic, available at craft stores, and use cross stitches to make the design.

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