Cozy in Love

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      “At the Musk Ox Farm in Alaska’s Matanuska Valley, I observed musk ox bulls butting horns with great drama while cows frolicked as if their silky coats were couture. It seemed like love was in the air when they coyly lowered their long eyelashes as the admired their pasture princes. But love is about more than brute strength. Thinking about gentle Cozy, I wondered; "How could he impress the lovely Lofti with his big heart?"
     In Aesop’s fable The Crow and the Pitcher a thirsty crow finds a pitcher with a little water in it. Not able to reach the water, the crow drops pebbles down the narrow heck until the water level is high enough for him to drink. I loved the science of it and imagined clever Cozy could rescue his whale friend in a similar way on a much larger Alaskan scale!
     “During a stay on Fox Island in Resurrection Bay, I saw many bird and animal species up close for the first time, including elegant horned puffins playing in a waterfall. They seemed perfect to play Cupid for Cozy and Lofti. Then, as a spectacular finale in the Turnagain Arm, we spotted a pod of belugas—small white whales nicknamed ‘sea canaries’ by sailors—which really do chirp, whistle, and playfully carry clumps of seaweed on their heads.”


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