Name the Botswana Animals Game

Easy Version
Difficult Version



     Name the Botswana animals and download a special Botswana Hippopotamuses, Hip, Hip, Hooray! coloring page that I've created just for the winners.   There are two version of the game.   In both versions, you'll find all of the animals listed at the top of the page.  
    In the easy version, if you put your mouse over each number, the animal's name will appear to help you.   In the difficult version, you need to find out each animal's name on your own.  In both versions, use the Question buttons at the bottom of the page to name all 34 animals and you'll be able to download the special coloring page.

Hints:  Once you know the name of an animal, use your mouse to highlight and copy the name in the list at the top of the page, and then paste the name into the answer box when you click on each question.
            Make certain that the first letter of each word in the animal's name is capitalized: i.e. Elephant

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