The Animals of The Mitten

You can print these masks and use them for a Mitten play.
The Mitten

This is a great project to use with my book The Mitten

These files are quite large and download slowly, but I hope that you'll be pleased by the quality.
Click on each animal to display the full sized mask artwork

Printing Suggestions

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The Rabbit
The Rabbit
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WHO has strong legs?
WHO is full of energy?
WHO likes to hop and jump?
RABBIT, that's who!

The Hedgehog
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 WHO likes to explore?
WHO is determined?
WHO protects himself very well?
HEDGEHOG, that's who!

The Owl
The Owl
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WHO is always on the lookout?
WHO does not want to miss anything?
WHO wants to join the fun?
OWL, that's who!

The Badger
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WHO loves a surprise?
WHO is friendly?
WHO has bright eyes?
BADGER, that's who!

The Mole
The Mole
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WHO is quiet?
WHO works hard?
WHO has a velvety coat?
MOLE, that's who!

The Fox
The Fox
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WHO is curious?
WHO is very smart?
WHO is proud of his ruddy coat?
FOX, that's who! 

The Bear
The Bear
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WHO is very big?
WHO has a deep voice?
WHO gets a job done?
BEAR, that's who!

The Mouse
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WHO is little?
WHO is playful?
WHO likes excitement?
MOUSE, that's who!

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