Know Your Bones Activity Page

Study the mammoth skeleton below to learn the names of the bones. Then use your knowledge and skills to match the definition to the bone. Refer to the diagram to help you choose the best answer.


Mammoth Skeleton

1. tusk

2. skull

3. atlas

4. vertebra

5. scapula

6. ribs

7. pelvis

8. fibula

9. tibia

10. femur

11. ulna

12. metacarpals

13. radius

14. humerus

Know Your Bones Quiz

Click on your answer.


The shoulder blade is the ...

fibula radius scapula


The large inner bone of the hind limb between the ankle and knee is the ...

tibia femur ulna


The head skeleton that encloses the brain is the ...

pelvis skull vertebra


The bones of the forefoot between the ankle and the toes are ...

metacarpals fibula ribs


The very long tooth that projects from the mouth is a ...

atlas tusk radius


The long bone of the upper forelimb extending from the shoulder to the elbow is the ...

humerus ulna scapula


The bones joined to the spine that protect organs are the ...

pelvis metacarpals ribs


The large bone of the forefoot is the ...

ulna tibia humerus


One of the bony segments of the spine is a ...

femur vertebra skull


The bone of the forefoot alongside the ulna is the ...

radius atlas metacarpals


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