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Reading/Language Arts


Search for the lighthouse flags in the book. Each flag represents a letter of the alphabet. Go to the Maritime Flag Activity Page to see the flags. Then, try to decode and spell words related to Comet's Nine Lives.

An idiom is a group of words that has a different meaning than the meaning which the individual words suggest. Can you choose the correct meaning of an idiom that contains the word cat? Do your best at The Cat Idioms Activity Page.

The bow is the front end of a boat or ship and the stern is the rear end. Go to the At Sea Glossary for definitions of nautical words from A -Z.




Your job is to round numbers to the nearest ten on The Seashell Rounding Activity Page.

Ordinal numbers help us to put things in order. Choose the correct ordinal at The Cats in Line Activity Page.





Nantucket Island was once a famous whaling village. Hundreds of whales live in the ocean around the island. Take a trip to Massachusetts Bay and spend a day on a whale watch.

If you were lost like Comet the cat, you could use a compass and map to find your way home. Study the compass and take the true or false quiz on The Compass Activity Page.

Have you ever watched a cat sleeping? A healthy cat sleeps or naps between 15-20 hours a day. Become a cat observer at The Cat Napping Activity Page.

Find the storm flags on the lighthouse in the book. The two red and black flags signal a hurricane warning. At How Hurricanes Work you'll read information about the powerful storms that have caused damage to coastal areas.




Social Studies

Did you know that the only place in America to be an island, a city and a town at the same time is Nantucket, Massachusetts?




Listen to a favorite children's song. My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean Activity Page has the music, lyrics and motions.

Jan Brett shows you how to make a sailor's bracelet with illustrated instructions. You can even see photos of real bracelets made by children.

Make a paper boat using heavyweight card stock paper. First, draw circles and straight lines. Then, use scissors and glue. Your boat will really float!

Go on an exciting treasure hunt with Hedgie the hedgehog. You will visit interesting places as you search for answers in the Comet's Nine Lives book.



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