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Reading/Language Arts


An idiom is a group of words that has a different meaning than the meaning which the individual words suggest. Can you choose the correct meaning of an idiom that contains the word hat? Do your best at the Hat Idioms Activity Page.

All of the characters in the story are animals except one! Try to name all of the farm animals in The Hat? Unscramble ten animal names at the Barnyard Animal Activity Page.

There are lots of words that rhyme with "hat." Use The Semantic Rhyming Dictionary to create a list of words that sound like "hat."

The Hat is a perfect story to be acted-out. Read Jan Brett's instructions on how to " Make the Hat into a Play."




Did you know that the European country of Denmark has 406 islands and 7300 kilometers of coastline? (How many miles is that?) Type in the numbers and choose the units of measurement. The program does the conversions for you.

Hats come in several sizes because heads come in all sizes. Learn how to measure someone's head on The Hat Sizing Activity Page.






Hedgie, the main character of the story is a cute and curious mammal. Many people have hedgehogs as pets (including Jan Brett.) See actual photos and read information about hedgehogs.

Farm animals are different than wild animals. At The Kids Farm you will become familiar with many farm animals.




Social Studies

Read a list of reasons of "why people wear hats." What do you know about hats? Go to the Hat Quiz Activity Page to test your knowledge of hat styles, hat parts, hat history and more.




You probably know at least one song that has the word "hat" in its title? Hear the music and move to the beats on The Mexican Hat Dance Activity Page.

Pinwheels are miniature windmills. It's easy to make a beautiful pinwheel. Just follow the step-by-step directions on the Pinwheel Activity Page.

Jan Brett gives you a few helpful drawing tips as you draw your own hedgehog. All you need is a pencil and paper.


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