Comet's Nine Lives

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Comet's Nine Lives

     The following lessons, activities and links are appropriate for students in grades one through four. Children who are beginning readers may need some assistance from older students, teachers or parents.


Spyglass Meet Hedgie Hedgehog when you Hunt for treasures on Nantucket Island, Massachusetts. As you follow the map, you will need to look closely at the pages of the book to find the answers to the questions. 



Visit Nantucket Elementary School. Students will take you to exciting places on the island! All you need to do is to follow Cobblestone Road. Email the school to say "hi" and let them know what you like about their site. 


Boats, ships and lighthouses use nautical flags to communicate. Each flag stands for a letter or a word. When the flags are posted together, they spell a message. Use this activity page to learn how to Spell your Name with Flags and much more. 


Nantucket Island

You probably didn't know that Benjamin Franklin's mother was born on Nantucket Island. Native American tribes lived on the island, too. Discover lots of interesting facts about Nantucket Island and share them with your teacher and classmates. For more fun facts go to Nantucket trivia!  



Many of the dogs on the pages of the book are carrying baskets? These beautiful lightship baskets are part of the history of Nantucket Island. Artists on the island continue to make lightship baskets to sell to tourists. What is scrimshaw? How is it used on baskets? To answer these questions visit The Golden Basket.  


Brant Point lighthouse

There are three lighthouses on Nantucket Island.The lighthouse in the book is one of the oldest lighthouses in America. You can see it if you take a ferry ride from the mainland to Nantucket Island. Visit Brant Point to learn more. 


Pack of crayons

Print the Coloring page for Comet. Color it next time you take a long trip.  


black cat

Comet uses eight of his nine lives in the story. Have you ever wondered about the saying "a cat has nine lives"? Discover lots of fascinating Feline Facts


Blue whale

Hundreds of whales live in the ocean around Nantucket. Take a trip on a whale watching boat in the waters of Massachusetts Bay


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