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Reading/Language Arts

In the borders of the book, there are many small things that would make nice collections. Find the items on the Search for Collectibles Activity Page.

Fables are simple tales intended to convey a certain moral or truth. Read an online version of the Aesop fable, The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse. Compare and contrast it with Jan Brett's book.



Have you ever played the game Concentration? Use your memory skills to make a match on the Computer Mouse Activity Page.

Look for the coins on the pages of the book. Then learn the names of coins from other countries at The Foreign Coin Activity Page.




Mice are small rodents. Read information about rodents and take a quiz on the Rodent Activity Page.

Rodents are the prey of many animals. Search for the animals on the pages of the book that prey on mice. At the Predators and Prey Activity Page find out which animals eat mice.

Why do mice have whiskers on their faces? To answer this question go to the Mouse Whiskers Activity Page.


Social Studies

Did you notice the pasta in the borders as the country mice enter the pantry? There is a secret message made from alphabet pasta. Pasta comes in many shapes and sizes. Visit the I Love Pasta site to find out more.

Lots of buttons adorn the pages of the book. Would you like to learn how to sew a button? Just follow the directions on the Sew a Button Activity Page.

Mice are rodents. Some rodents make good pets. On the Which Pet Rodent Page you can decide the pet rodent that could be just right for you.

There are many stamps on the cover and pages of the book. Discover the hobby of stamp collecting on the How Do I Start page.



Make a beautiful picture frame with buttons. The instructions are on the Button Frame Activity Page.

In the story, the town mice share adventures as the country mice share different adventures. The couples stay "side by side" through the good and the bad times. Learn the words and tune to an upbeat song about staying together on the Side By Side Activity Page.

Act out the scenes from Town Mouse Country Mouse. Jan Brett has created masks for the main characters. Print the masks to perform a play.


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