It had been snowing for days....

Annie and the Wild Animals



Annie and the Wild Animals
Written and illustrated by Jan Brett

Houghton Mifflin Company
ISBN: 0-395-37800-1

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      Annie was lonely.  Taffy, her golden-haired cat, had disappeared.  Life in the woods was empty.  There was no one to love and be Annie's friend.  Outside, the snow was deep and the winter seemed endless.  Annie tried her best to encourage Taffy to return but without success.  A moose and a bear and even a wildcat are not as soft and cuddlesome or as friendly as Taffy.  Where could Taffy be?
     Jan Brett's story is told mostly through wonderfully detailed full-color illustrations.  The wonders of the forest and the seasons are an expressive backdrop to the tale of the animals.  Story within story forms as the intricate borders subtly foreshadow the main plot of Taffy's final return to her friend Annie.

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