The Umbrella Animals

You can print these masks and use them for a play.

This is a great project to use with my book The Umbrella

Thanks to excellent illustrator, Miron Kiriliv, for these great masks.  The files are quite large and download slowly,
but I hope that you'll be pleased by the quality.
Click on each animal to display the full sized mask artwork.

Printing Suggestions

Free PDF reader

Umbrella Masks Froggy
Click here for PDF

"Hola", Froggy croaks happily.
  "I have this puddle all to myself."
Umbrella Masks Toucan
Click here for PDF
"íVete!" he peeps.
"Go away!"
Umbrella Masks Kinkajou
Click here for PDF
Something is sliding down the tree.
Kinkajou tumbles in.
Umbrella Masks Tapir
Click here for PDF
Thump! Crash! Thump!
Baby Tapir blunders into the green umbrella.
Umbrella Masks Quetzal
Click here for PDF
Swish! Swish!
A most beautiful bird sails
 down onto the umbrella handle.
Umbrella Masks Monkey
Click here for PDF
Suddenly, frisky
 Monkey jumps down.
Umbrella Masks Jaguar
Click here for PDF
Jaguar is cleaning his silky
 black spots when he hears all
the squabbling and looks up.
Umbrella Masks Hummingbird
Click here for PDF
Hummingbird flashes by,
smaller than small.  He
sees the big green umbrella
handle sticking up.

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